5 Legendary Strains that have Canadian Roots

You may have heard of these strains and even tried a couple of them. But what you may not know is that these well-known cannabis strains have their origins lying in Canadian soil. Canadian growers opened up to selling the seeds of these strains due to which these may also be found across Canadian borders. But if you are in Canada, you definitely need to try these 5 legendary that have Canadian Roots-

  1. Romulan

Named after the alien Star Trek race, Romulan is a powerful indica that is one of the best cannabis strains that Canadian growers have ever grown. Though mostly indica, growers insist that sativa genetics have crept in over time, lending it intense cerebral effects. Expect a highly sedative high that is responsible for its therapeutic qualities and makes it a favorite among patients looking for help with muscle spasms and nerve damage.

  1. Chemo

Chemo was developed in Canada in the early 1970s in British Columbia to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. It was later maintained and cultivated in Jordan after successfully being helpful to cancer patients. It is an indica that has a THC level of 21% that helps relieve pain, controls nausea and seizures while boosting appetite. Apart from its popularity among cancer patients, it is also known to increase the sex drive of the smoker and lead to quick arousal.

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  1. Island Sweet Skunk

A sativa strain from Vancouver that is sweet-tasting and famous across borders for its intricate combination of flavors. Island Sweet Skunk is known to have high level of CBD which in turn is responsible for its euphoric high. Medically, this one is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

  1. Lowryder

Lowryder is a tough, short marijuana plant that is ideal for growing outdoors in fairly pleasant climates, making it a perfect fit for Canadian growers. This strain is particularly famous for the strong uplifting high that it gives the smoker and high productivity.

  1. Manitoba Poison

The Manitoba province is located at the longitudinal center of Canada, so it’s only fitting that Manitoba Poison is a 50/50 hybrid (though you’ll likely feel the heavy indica properties pretty quickly). Don’t worry, Manitoba Poison does not actually poison the smoker. This hybrid opens the doors to a world of complete euphoria. Don’t get lost in thought when you are exploring your exciting dreamland.

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