5 Reasons Why Vaping Marijuana is Healthier than Smoking It

While smoking is a  common term, a lot of people are still not very familiar with the term ‘vaporizing’. Just like smoking a joint, bong or pipe, vaporizing is another method of consuming cannabis. There is an instrument known as a vaporizer that resembles a pen. The cannabis or cannabis oil is heated to such a point that is below the point of combustion, turning the substance into vapor. This means that the fumes inhaled by the consumer are that of the vapor and not smoke. Such vaporizing of cannabis is considered to be a better than smoking it due to a several reasons:

  1. No toxins released

In the process of vaping, all the irritable toxins that are produced during combustion are negated. Not only that, some of the toxins that exist within the grown marijuana flower are harmful and get released when smoked but the same are not released when vaped.

  1. Dry Mouth

Since vaporizers do not involve smoke, it causes negligible dryness in your mouth as compared to the dryness when you smoke a joint.

  1. Shortness of breath

People usually feel better when they use a vaporizer as compared to smoking a joint because when you smoke, your lungs hold in some of the smoke leading to shortness of breath for a few moments.

  1. Discreet

Vaping is very discreet as a vaporizer looks like a pen and since there isn’t a lot of smoke emitted when you vape, there is less of a fuss in a public place.

  1. Better taste

With a vaporizer, you can literally taste the marijuana which is much better than smoking it. This is because the weed is not being burnt into a crisp which simply makes it taste much cleaner.

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