5 Reasons Why More and more Old People Getting High!

Seniors need more weed, not just to get high but for its medical benefits. Medical marijuana can potentially be a wonder drug for old people to put them off prescription-based potentially harmful drugs and help reduce their medical debts. Cannabis is effective in treating many age-related disorders as well as having overall therapeutic effect that improves the well-being and quality of life of our aging population. And it’s fun too!
Here are 5 primary reasons why more and more old people are starting to get high and loving it—



  1. Cannabis can fight mental disorders

Old people mostly suffer from depression and anxiety as a result of aging, loneliness, changes in physical health and other life-changing instances. The last thing that they need is to add anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs to their long list of prescription drugs, with their respective side effects. Cannabis is known to improve mood and combat depression, which can lead to a greater quality of life.


  1. Healthier substitute for Pain killers

Did you know that seniors make up for the majority of users of pain killer drugs across US and Canada! These prescription pain killer drugs make the older population highly vulnerable to opioid addiction and overdosing. Legalized medical marijuana has been encourages and frequently associated with a reduction in addiction to pain killer drugs and death related to their consumption.


  1. Lower Prescription and Medical Cost

Old aged people traditionally pay a high price for drugs each year and their prescription bills eat away a substantial portion of their annual fixed incomes. Studies suggest that the senior population could save more and derive maximum benefits from even small, potent doses of cannabis oils, tinctures and edibles, which can last months before having to purchase more.

Furthermore, many medications prescribed to seniors are to alleviate side effects caused by other drugs. Since medical cannabis typically has no harmful side effects, medications can be greatly reduced from this alone.


  1. Feel positive with CBD

Many prescription drugs have negative effects on the brain, body and mind. Many seniors report feeling drugged, sluggish, dizzy, foggy and too exhausted to enjoy life. With cannabinoids like CBD on the table, seniors don’t have to be concerned with the psychoactive effects of THC, nor do they have to worry about such energy-draining symptoms. The CBD can give them an overall ‘feel good’ high.


  1. Bake your own edibles!

Old age users can experiment with adding weed to their dishes while cooking, or baking weed into yummy desserts, as per the required dosage. Diabetic patient that often run into issues when it comes to buying edibles on the market due to high sugar content can bake their own edibles at home to suit their dietary needs and share edibles with others.

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