6 Crazy Cannabis World Records you won’t believe exist!

These world records may not have been featured in The Guinness Book of Records but they definitely set a high bar for any competition to come. Some of these records are crazy and unbelievable, so much that you could have never guessed such a record existed in the first place. Here’s a list of the 6 most impressive cannabis records that will surprise you —

  1. World’s largest HotBox Session

    You may have heard of Hotboxing and most probably tried it too. If you have tried it already, you know the intense high you can get with a HotBox that beats the high that one may get from any other method of smoking up. During The Kush Cup 2015 in Vancouver, a group of cannabis lovers burnt 442 grams of hash on pans that almost instantly filled the room with THC rich smoke, enough to get everyone in the room super high and set a new world record of the largest HotBox session ever.

  2. The World’s largest Joint

    Known for his videos on how he makes record large cannabis joints, Tony Greenhand decided to break all his past records with the largest joint ever. He created a large watermelon shaped joint that weighed 4.20 pounds! World’s largest joint till date, imagine smoking that one!

  3. The World’s largest legal cultivation of medical marijuana done indoors

    A 350,000 square foot greenhouse located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada is the world’s largest legal cultivation of medical marijuana in the world. This record size cultivation was sanctioned by the Canadian Government’s Health Division and also grows weed for the King of Cannabis- Snoop Dogg and his brand ‘Leafs by Snoop’. Impressive isn’t it?

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  4. The World’s largest illegal cultivation of marijuana done outdoors

    No points for guessing where the world’s largest illegal outdoor cultivation of marijuana could possibly be located. Mexican soldiers discovered a 300 acre plantation of marijuana covered with a black screen cloth, right in the middle of the Baja California desert. This plantation was 4 times larger than the previous one discovered by the Mexican army and is undoubtedly the world’s largest illegal cultivation of marijuana done outdoors.

  5. Most joints burned by one man

    Irvin Rosenfeld – a cannabis legend and true advocate of legalization of marijuana, has his cannabis world record mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records 2014 under the title “the most burnt marijuana.” Rosenfeld claimed to have smoked more than 115,000 joints, all legal! The Florida stockbroker set the world record of one man having burnt the most number of joints, all in good health.

  6. Most marijuana concentrate dabbed in 4 minutes:

    Dabbing is a marijuana consuming technique that is way more intense than smoking flowers. The Mountain Man broke previous world records and pushed the limits when he smoked 22 grams of dab in just 4 minutes! For those who dab know it isn’t as easy as it sounds and dabbing 22 grams in 4 minutes involves a lot of coughing and a mind-blowing high post the dabbing. In case if you were curious to see how the world record session went, checkout YouTube for the complete video.

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