10 Tips from frequent flyers on Flying with Marijuana

Ever cannabis consumer has at least once thought about carrying their precious stash with them while traveling. However, flying with cannabis isn’t as simple as flying with an average prescription drug. Even though many people use marijuana as medicine and

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5 Things to Know Before Using Medical Cannabis for Your Pets

No FDA Approval There are plenty success stories from several pet owners about how well marijuana worked for their pets. However, FDA issued a notification that cannabis capsules being produced for pets were still an “unapproved new animal drug and

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Menstrual Cramps No More! 5 Best strains for Instant Relief

Why does Menstruation hurt? Menstrual cramps are mainly caused due to contraction of the uterus in order to expel its lining. This process might cause pain in some women, with pain levels ranging from dull and annoying to severe and

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