Cannabis or Alcohol?

There have always been endless debates about which of the two -marijuana or alcohol, do more harm to our physical and mental health. After endless research, a certain conclusion has been arrived at.
Ever heard of an accident that occurred because someone was under the influence of marijuana? Not really.

Heard of accidents that occurred because someone was under the influence of alcohol? We all have.

Here’s another one…

Ever heard of someone who died due to the excessive or regular intake of marijuana?
Ever heard of people who died due to liver failure caused by excess intake of alcohol?
Alcohol is known to be responsible for a lot of deaths across the globe while cannabis is known to be a life saver.

Let’s look at a few more facts that favour smoking cannabis over drinking alcohol-

  1. Addiction

As per physiological data and research, there is a higher probability of consumers getting addicted to alcohol as compared to getting addicted to marijuana.

  1. White blood cell damage

Studies show that those alcohol consumers that drink as well as smoke cannabis showed lesser damaged white blood cells as compared to those that only consumed alcohol.

  1. Depression

Alcohol consumers are more prone to becoming victims of depression that has also been found to eventually result in suicides. This is not the case with cannabis smokers in fact, certain marijuana strains are known for their anti-depressant properties.

  1. Resultant death

Cannabis is known to control the growth of cancer cells reducing the number of cancer related deaths while alcohol is known to cause major liver problems that can be responsible for an individual’s death.

  1. Losing control

There are higher chances of alcohol consumers to lose control of themselves. Marijuana smokers never lose total control of their selves and are aware of their surroundings when under the influence.

  1. Effects on the Brain

Consumption of alcohol leads to brain damage while studies indicate that marijuana contains neuroprotective properties which in turn enhance thinking and make an individual more creative.


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