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THC Honey Tears are hand-crafted using food grade organically grown cannabis flowers, extracted with distilled grain alcohol. This concentrate contains raw organic farm honey as a natural preservative and standardization additive.
For oral consumption: Avoid placing the applicator directly into the mouth. Secrete onto a clean surface first to avoid consuming too much. 1/20 of an applicator (25mg) is an average dose. Also, can be eaten in original form or mixed into food.
For topical use: Cover the affected area with a thin coat of oil. Repeat application once oil has been absorbed (usually takes 12-24 hours). Do not rub into open wounds or broken skins.

More About the strain

Helps with:

Chronic Pain, Eczema, Insomnia and other sleep disorders.


Relaxed 100%
Euphoric 100%
Happy 100%
Uplifted 100%
Focus 100%
Stress 100%
Pain 100%
Depression 100%
Insomnia 100%
Headaches 100%

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