White Castle

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White Castle is a 60% indica hybrid strain with THC levels about 13-19%, created by crossing the classic White Widow with Ice strains. The strain has an earthy aroma with a fruity sweet overtone like that of fresh ripe berries and tangy strawberries. The high is very euphoric with sleepy overtones that can leave you dozing if you’re not careful. The high starts with a rush of happiness and an increase in sociability that leaves you chatty and outgoing, although unfocused at times. Gradually, the high gets slightly sedating and will leave you incredibly sleepy.

More About the strain

Helps with:

Chronic stress, Nausea, inflammation, depression, and appetite loss.

Euphoric 100%
Relaxed 60%
Sedated 60%
Sleepy 40%
Dry Eyes 20%
Pain 100%
Insomnia 80%
Anxiety 40%
Depression 40%
Loss of Appetite 30%

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