The Ultimate weed hacks that every stoner needs!

Getting the best high out of the weed, keeping the stash fresh for longer or simply being able to roll the perfect joint, are all things that every stoner needs to know. Here are top 8 stoner hacks to make your life a little easier and better when it comes to you and your weed-

  1. Smoke without coughing

Rather than inhaling directly, fill your mouth up with smoke and then take a heavy breath. It’s a lot easier this way and you’ll probably be able to make it through an entire joint without coughing your lungs out.


  1. Rolling a joint

Rolling a joint is harder than it looks but your rolling skills will improve with every joint that you roll. Check out some videos on ‘How to Roll a joint for beginners’ or just observe your fellow smokers and learn. But don’t be disappointed by how you rolled your first joint.


  1. Put an end to your craving for munchies

Cannabis consumption lowers blood-sugar levels, thereby increasing your appetite. The feeling of hunger is otherwise temporary and fades within 1-2 hours. However, popping a mint can diminish the hunger sensation so you don’t go chasing the munchies and eating everything you get your hands on!

  1. Schedule smoke before meal times

The munchies can be overpowering, but you can smoke pot without raiding your fridge. If you plan your highs around your meals, then you should be able to avoid the over-indulging that is often associated with smoking marijuana.

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  1. Drop a honey to make it burn less quick

Rubbing a drop of honey over the skin of a rolled joint helps prevent the joint from burning too quickly. Also, it probably smells and tastes delicious. No harm trying this one out!

  1. Use an apple bong

An apple makes a perfectly usable and disposable bong. The biggest benefit of the apple pipe is that after you are done smoking, the evidence disappears like the smoke. The apple pipe is also easy to make with limited supplies and gives an absolutely smooth smoke.

  1. Protect your weed with Black construction paper

Keep your marijuana potent by cutting up a piece of black construction paper and fixing it inside your jar. Doing so will protect your pot from heat and light, keeping it fresh for longer.

  1. Keep Lip Balm handy

As you already know, weed will dry you out fast and not having access to lip balm when that happens can be pretty miserable. So consider keeping some lip balm wherever you keep all your weed stuff and also try to remember to keep some in your handbag and/or pockets for when you’re smoking away from home. That way when cotton mouth turns your lips to sandpaper, a soothing solution will always be within your grasp.


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