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About Us

Weedio is a sincere and passionate effort to make the finest quality marijuana accessible to those in need of it. For some it’s just weed, but for others it could be a wish.

Times have changed and cannabis is no more just a recreational drug. The regulated legalization of marijuana was on account of several studies suggesting the effective use of medical marijuana.

We aim at being that one stop destination where medical patients can have easy access to the right strain or combinations of cannabis to help with their condition. An online dispensary offering only the finest quality cannabis. We have collated a diverse range of marijuana strains and products grown by the most experienced and licensed farmers in Canada.

Our goal is simple. We wish to uncomplicate marijuana for you and provide exhaustive assistance ensuring that you make most of not just our products but also your experience with us.

Regardless of what your concern might be, we will work on it until you are pleased simply because it would make us happy.

Why pick Weedio?


✓    Trust – You can count on us for an exceptional service, timely delivery, secure purchase and complete confidentiality of your information.

✓    Selection – We offer an impressive variety of cannabis and its derivative products, for a range of prices for you to choose from.

✓    Finest Quality –  We believe only the best is good enough.Only the finest quality cannabis is sold on Weedio, grown by our licensed and experienced farmers.

✓    Unparalleled assistance – Our prompt and resourceful services guarantee that none of your questions go unanswered.