5 Prescriptions Drugs that you need to replace with Cannabis today

As marijuana is set to be legal in Canada by 2018, more and more people are getting aware of the benefits that it has to offer to patients suffering from an array of illnesses. The herb has been used for

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Top 5 Dabbing techniques to make most of your Concentrates

Dabbing It is a new-age slang that simply means to smoke or vape cannabis in its concentrated form. The process involves inhaling the active components of marijuana in its concentrated form which turns out to be way more potent and

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5 ways to Consume Cannabis without having to Smoke it

Smoking cannabis is not always a very pleasant and comfortable experience especially if you have never smoked before. There may be initial coughing, a slight burning sensation in the throat, funny taste on the tongue and confusion about how long

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5 Reasons Why More and more Old People Getting High!

Seniors need more weed, not just to get high but for its medical benefits. Medical marijuana can potentially be a wonder drug for old people to put them off prescription-based potentially harmful drugs and help reduce their medical debts. Cannabis

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